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The Gambling Commission, though aware of the potential risk, think “this could not possibly be an argument for lowering standards in the licensed community” and believe “there is no great sense of a burgeoning illegal market.”173 Prevalence of online gambling

As would be expected given the growth of this sector, the Gambling Commission’s Annual Participation Survey published in 2020 found that 21% of survey respondents had gambled online in the past four weeks, an increase from 18% in the previous year.174 The survey also found online gambling participation was higher among men than women—25% men and 17% women.

Online gambling has changed how gambling activities are carried out. The table below shows how each gambling activity was accessed by survey participants, and whether they conducted the activities in person, online or both. As the table sets out, in 2019 the majority of all forms of betting were carried out online. Sports betting, football betting and betting on horseracing have all seen a decrease in the number of individuals participating in person, as opposed to online.

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