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Loli Art Collections By Fogbank




Tag: handcrafted Hello everyone, here’s my selection of 3D handcrafted headpieces and sculptures from Japan, that I have collected from this year’s Japan Maker Faire. This year was a very different experience from the previous ones. Although there were over 300 entries and things were running on time (not that long, anyway) this year there was no theme. Everyone was free to create anything they wanted. So I decided to show the creations of the makers, and include them in this post. The Japan Maker Faire 2016 is the 2nd edition of the Japan Maker Faire, an event organized by OMAATO (Organization of Modern Art, Arts, and Technology for Tourists in Japan). It was held in Tokyo from April 7 to 9. This year, the theme was “The Men and Machines”. It was a great opportunity for those who make objects from machines, or think about the relationship between human and machines, to show their work. I went to the event for the first time and experienced the atmosphere. It was like a big exhibition of art by people. Here are some of the artworks that I took home. Anime Doll head in Carved wood by Tsukasa Hoshino: Craftsmanship and traditional craft by Tsukasa Hoshino This anime doll head is an example of traditional craftsmanship. I really like the little faces on the little heads, and the tender feeling that you get from touching them. It was made by carving the head out of wood. I think it’s really cool that the cute anime style was reproduced by cutting the face into pieces. I think this type of craftsmanship can be a great inspiration for youngsters and people who think of themselves as adults. Bamboo Twig Art by Kiyotsugu Takase: Horticulture and the Landscape by Kiyotsugu Takase As can be seen from this photo, he made the bamboo twig art by placing the twisted bamboo stick in soil and wrapping around it. It seems like he must have used soil from the garden for that, which gives the work a very beautiful feeling. I think it was also made by hand. This was my first time seeing this type of art, so I was very impressed by his skill. Potion Vase by Miyasako: Asian Art by Miyasako This




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Loli Art Collections By Fogbank
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